Concrete garden edging carries not only decorative appeal, but also practical benefits. With the proper care, it will last the lifetime of your home and is therefore a cost effective and long lasting landscaping solution. Often mistakenly looked at as cold and impersonal, poured or cast concrete garden edging can take on a multitude of designs, styles, colours and textures. In a sense concrete garden edging puts a frame or border around the picture, that being your garden.


For example, when looking for a way to create distinct divisions in a yard, concrete garden edging is a valuable tool. It can give your garden more definition, adding structure to an otherwise casual yard. If you opt for pre-cast concrete garden edging, it can be purchased in lengths of all sizes and shapes, including curves, so that it can be fitted around most designs of garden bed -- you can even buy two semi-circles to fix around a tree, making an eye catching base for your garden feature. Concrete garden edging also has many practical benefits for your landscape design. It will deter invasive grass or weeds from invading your garden, thereby saving you valuable garden maintenance time. It also provides a durable and effective root barrier, unsurpassed by other edgings. Concrete garden edging is also useful for containing water flow and making sure that soil and bark in your garden stays put. Whereas timber garden edging can rot, warp or attract termites, and plastic edging is prone to becoming brittle and easily damaged, edging made from concrete is long lasting and durable – a ‘set and forget’ solution for your landscaping needs.

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