10 Reasons to Choose Continuous Kerbing for Your Garden Edging

Not too long ago, many people would utilize wooden railroad sleepers or bricks to mark the boundaries of their gardens with the aim to restrain erosion and keep mulch and soil contained. Since then, there have been a number of fairly ineffective and dull metal or plastic sheet alternatives which were introduced and then vanished.


All of this has now changed. Today, with the application of continuous concrete kerbing, attractively manicured landscapes with permanent and appealing landscape borders can be seen in neighborhoods all over the world. Continuous concrete garden edging utilizes beauty and technology to boost the looks of gardens, driveways, lawns and just about any landscaped area. This has also provided some advancement to the styles and designs of driveway kerbing. Continuous kerbing not only provides great looks, it also functions as a stylish, cost effective landscape border for any business or home.

The following are 10 of the many reasons why you should choose continuous kerbing for your garden edging:

  1. If you go for continuous kerbing, particularly the concrete one, you will not have to face the problems of rust, rot or discolor. These problems are normally acquired from metal, wooden or plastic types of garden edging.
  2. This form of garden edging offers excellent weed and erosion control. This is because this curbing type offers an efficient barrier, which gets eliminates a couple of edging and weeding hours.
  3. It also offers permanent looks. Concrete edging offers a professionally designed look which is permanent, unlike the other forms of garden edging.
  4. With this form of garden edging, you will not have to worry about disturbing other existing landscapes during its installation process. This is made possible through the help of advanced ground preparation methods. So, you won’t need to worry about damaging other landscapes.
  5. Fast installation is offered by this garden edging technique. So, you will not need to spend much of your time going through the process.
  6. Clean operation is also achieved upon the installation. Aside from the speed of operation, you will also be free from the hassles of having to clean the site after the process has been finished. So, you can save more of your time in the long run.
  7. Its affordable feature is another advantage many property owners love about this garden edging. Unlike other traditional techniques, the installation process for this type of kerbing is much less expensive.
  8. The concrete can be blended on the site, which makes it more convenient in the long run.
  9. Custom patterns and colors are available. With this edging type, you can add your preferred patterns and colors in order to complement anything from your stone, brick, or a particular landscape color which you might have within your garden.
  10. With the continuous border, you’ll put an end to those unwanted weeds and grasses from occupying your flower beds. With the proper maintenance, your concrete borders should last a lifetime.

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